Colorado Accepts Plan for ‘Enormous’ Tiny Home Community

A Popular Little Colorado Mountain Town Addresses Housing Crunch By Keeping Development Small

Salida Colorado Is A Popular Vacation Spot With An Accommodation Problem

 With the population in Colorado soaring, and more and more people looking to vacation in the Colorado mountains, one small town needs more room to house all the Hikers, Skiers, Mountain Bikers and plain old Sightseers driving into the city limits each year.

In mid-November, Town Officials approved a 19 acre development meant to contain 200 'tiny' homes ranging from 200 to 800 square feet.

According to a report by the Denver Post, the community named The River View at Cleora will be one of the biggest tiny home developments in the US.

With Vacation Rentals receiving a lot of flak for displacing locals in towns like this, Officials decided to designate only 1/3 of the development for that purpose while the remaining 2/3 will constitute a 'more affordable' option for town residents.

It will be interesting to see how the whole thing pans out, and who knows; maybe Salida can serve as a template for more tiny home developments around the Country and the World.

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