Marathon Coach #1248 Prevost H3-45 Double Slide – DREAM RV’S

This brand new Marathon Coach is the pinnacle of luxury. No question that it has everything, does everything.....but what do you think of the color scheme?

The paint scheme reminds me of some of the custom Harley's I've seen. Like maybe a Rock-Star or a Magician owns this rig...

Check out this AMAZING Utility Compartment...  WOW - what gorgeous work.

Two TV's and a fireplace in this view. I bet the ambiance at night is fantastic with the rope lighting in the ceiling. I'm not so sure about the red couch, but I could probably let it slide...

The red and black is a bit over the top for my taste, but I sure do like that vanity in the corner of the bedroom!  The video below shows a bit more detail - the kitchen, the bathroom, and a gorgeous shower.

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